Trauma-informed Therapist

Therapy provided by Désirée Kogevinas is not just about helping individuals recover from mental health issues, addressing their underlying issues, or dealing with a particular challenge they may be encountering.. It is also about supporting clients in their journey of self-growth and self-development. Désirée tailors each therapeutic approach, session and relationship to the individual client and person, as each human being is unique.

Overall, Désirée supports clients in therapy to:

  • Build their self-esteem and self-worth
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Improve relaonships with themselves and others (family, partner, work, social)
  • IdenEfy their needs and wants
  • Set boundaries for healthy funcEonal relaEonships.


addictions counsellor


Désirée is an experienced and highly trained therapist who specializes in a range of services, including trauma reduction and healing, relationship therapy, addiction recovery, and family dynamics.

Désirée’s highest priority is always her clients’ safety and well-being. She offers her services in person and online.

Désirée is acutely aware of the impact of relational trauma, which refers to emotional wounds caused by abusive, neglectful, or insecure attachment experiences within interpersonal relationships. She recognizes that such trauma can have profound effects on mental and emotional well-being, often stemming from generational patterns of dysfunction within families.

Désirée works with clients on reducing relational trauma, including developmental trauma, which stems from childhood. She supports them in the healing process and then encourages client autonomy and empowerment, which is another firm belief and value this therapist works with. Through psychotherapy, she helps clients integrate their experiences and reduce trauma, using Gestalt therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy techniques to facilitate healing and build healthier relationships.

“Being a highly qualified trauma therapist, Désirée helps clients understand and reduce traumas.” DS, London.

Désirée also works with co-existing conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and self-harm

addictions counsellor


Désirée works with individuals, couples, adolescents, and families to improve their relationships through crisis interventions, support, and teaching healthier communication dynamics. She is also highly experienced in addiction recovery, supporting clients in reducing or quitting substance use and offering coaching on living sober. By addressing the root causes of addiction through a focus on childhood relationships and relational attachment, Désirée helps her clients achieve sustainable recovery.

Finally, in family dynamics therapy, Désirée helps families cope with addiction and promotes family recovery through teaching healthy communication and providing a safe space for practice. Drawing on elements from different therapeutic models, Désirée creates bespoke therapy for each client, employing techniques such as Post Induction Therapy (PIT) developed by Pia Mellody. Renowned PIT therapist and trainer and therapist Sarah Bridge defines the model here.

Désirée follows a trauma-informed approach in all areas of her work.