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The journey to peace
of mind and freedom

Désirée Kogevinas provides guidance for individuals seeking support and a life free of suffering induced by trauma or current behaviours and circumstances

Life can be joyful and full of light. Désirée will work alongside you, guide you, and explore healthier ways of living that work for you. As you change the areas of your life that no longer function, a freeing energy will come to you, and you will live life as the person you always knew you were.

Life to its fullest potential. A life in the light.

“Sometimes we have to search in the darkness to find what we are seeking so we can live in the light.”

Désirée provides sessions in person or by zoom with individuals, couples, and family therapy.

In certain circumstances home-based therapy can be arranged.

See if any of the questions below relate to you…

  • Do you struggle in your relationships, with partners, family, or colleagues?
  • Do you have difficulty with your sense of self, self-esteem or with setting boundaries?
  • Have you felt different, misunderstood, or feel like you don’t belong?
  • Do you have problems with your emotions, are they frozen or overwhelming?
  • Does depression, anxiety, or self-loathing plague you?
  • Are you trapped by past trauma or PTSD?
  • Do you feel imprisoned by addiction or compulsive thoughts and behaviours?
  • Are you a parent concerned that your child may be mistreated, under peer pressure, or using drugs?
Therapist in Geneva

Geneva and London-based psychotherapist specialising in developmental trauma and all aspects of relationship therapy

Désirée Kogevinas

Release from addiction
Reduced risk of consumption

Support for families
Intervention with suffering people


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Désirée Kogevinas

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You deserve a life in the light

The journey to peace of mind

Désirée Kogevinas will support you in living your life to its fullest potential.

You’ll be able to handle life’s everyday challenges in a healthier, more positive way.