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Désirée offers tailored services for enterprises according to their requirements to promote mental health and well-being at work. The objective is a healthier, more resilient workforce.
Following an initial assessment, Désirée individually tailors inventive, creative, and bespoke solutions that respond to your company’s requirements. Options from her main offering may also be selected, adapted or changed.

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Promoting mental health and well-being at work

Désirée Kogevinas, a renowned trauma expert, brings her extensive expertise to offer enterprises trauma-informed management approaches. Désirée work could not be more positive, as she consistently advocates practices embodying trauma-informed care (TIC) across diverse professional domains, encouraging a culture of well-being and resilience. In her role as a Corporate Wellness Strategist, Désirée acts as a catalyst for integrating trauma awareness principles into organisational frameworks. Désirée’s approach is top-down. She crafts and embeds strategies that cultivate enlightened Leadership through personal insight to drive self-growth and well-being. She helps employers understand the impact of trauma and guides them in seamlessly integrating trauma awareness into their policies and practices. Working with Leadership, she supports them in developing their Emotional EQ, emphasising that this is a further strength for them in regard to management below them, individual employees and outside entities). It can also be particularly useful to discern a company atmosphere they may not have previously been attuned to, such as an underlying tension.

addictions counsellor

Collaborating with industry peers, Désirée establishes therapeutic spaces that prioritise empathy, understanding, and collective growth while optimising performance. From often being environments of gossip and certain judgement with the “What’s wrong with YOU?” attitude, the working environments, always looking to the CEO to lead by example, with true authenticity, moves to the gentler question, “What happened to you?”.

In therapy, clients transform by moving beyond trauma symptoms towards trauma reduction, ultimately discovering freedom, truth, and authenticity. Similarly, enterprises experience a parallel process as they become trauma-informed, shedding shame and embracing change management to cultivate a happier, healthier corporate culture. Gentleness and diplomacy are required, as many employees carry trauma they are not aware of Désirée is clear: she will work only with companies truly committed to improving workers’ mental health and well-being. She will not enable Leadership by confirming the company is trauma-informed if the they have just waved a couple of flags for mental health while only paying lip service. Corporate culture transformation is key.

Leveraging a Trauma-informed Corporate Culture

Becoming trauma-informed offers many benefits for enterprises. In addition to the benefits for employees, trauma-informed workplaces also experience improved employee relations, commitment, loyalty, productivity, and performance. This approach saves money previously spent on compensating trauma’s various impacts, such as hiring a temporary employee and paying full leave for someone absent due to depression, having to pay for rehab for a long-term employee with alcohol problems, or team members all doing overtime to cover their colleague’s absence (due to burnout). Becoming trauma-informed can also enhance the company’s reputation.

Addressing employee traumas is a matter of social responsibility and a profitable investment for the company. It reduces absenteeism, increases employee retention, engagement, creativity, and resilience, and overall improves company performance. Employees who become healthier and happier can perform and be more productive. Hence, profits will increase, and management’s image will improve both for this reason and for caring about and implementing mental health.

Companies that invest in employee mental health see a 4:1 return on investment through improved productivity and reduced absenteeism. Addressing employee traumas allows individuals to understand better and manage their reactions, leading to improved well-being and mental health. This, in turn, improves productivity and work relationships.

Désirée offers tailored services for enterprises according to their requirements to promote mental health and well-being at work. The objective is always to have a more resilient and healthier workforce. Her services can vary, including bespoke support plans tailored to the
company’s specific needs and customised training for the entire company or select individuals. Désirée can offer a one-hour talk informing the company of what trauma is or another topic around it or advise the company on policy and strategy for change management. Désirée can also be hired as a neutral third party and spend some time offering select therapy to struggling Leadership, management or employees.

Désirée provides concrete solutions to address trauma in the workplace. Her customised workshops and training sessions help individuals develop coping strategies and self-care techniques. These offerings result in more confident and resilient individuals who are mindful and considerate of their colleagues.

Overall, Désirée aims to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace by raising awareness of trauma and providing effective solutions.