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In a world that often moves relentlessly, pausing long enough to prioritize mental health is an act of love. Both companies and individuals requesting an appointment are being very brave and taking a leap of faith – you know you will probably get vulnerable and that you are taking a risk to connect. I am so happy when you arrive – happy for the transformative journey you are embarking on. I reassure you I will be there for the appropriate part of the healing journey.

Initial assessment with Désirée


Prospective clients may have questions about therapy with me. Although it is the assessment is informal, I glean essential information, such as previous diagnoses and a history of the major mental health issues within the family that you are willing to share. During our talk, we will also address any questions you may have concerning therapy and sessions.

I offer therapy to individuals (adults and adolescents 13+), couples, and families.

I also offer live sessions, online sessions and home-based therapy (see Welcome page).


I understand the importance of the first contact with a company, usually with an HR Director or the CEO, as in that role, you discern how employees feel and are affected by any decisions or events within the company. I specialize in providing training, and I educate and guide your leadership and employees around trauma and its relevance both personally and to your organization. My services are tailored for optimum employee mental well-being and benefit your organization directly.

*Initial assessments are entirely free of charge.

Therapist in Geneva


Désirée Kogevinas

+ 41 79 125 50 50

7, place du Bourg-de-Four
1204 Geneva